What is real property?

Land and all things thereunto pertaining, all structures, and all things annexed or attached thereto which would pass to a vendee by the conveyance of the land or property - Code of Ala, 1975, Section 40-1-1.  

What is personal property?

All things other than real property - Code of Ala, 1975, Section 40-1-1. Some categories are easily distinguished from real and some are not.  

Is all personal property taxed in Alabama?

No. There are a number of exceptions. See Code of Ala, 1975, Title 40, Chapter 9.  

Are supplies assessed?

 Yes. The supplies on hand as of 10/1 must be reported. Supplies are assessed at 20% of cost.  

Where are some places I can study the Code of Alabama?

The Alabama Legislative Information System  some local libraries and the fifth floor of the 2121 Building on 8th Ave. North in Birmingham.

The Ala. Dept. of Revenue Property Tax Division is the originator of rules and regulations concerning taxation in Alabama.  

How can I get a form to file my return?

Contact your county courthouse or download from the Alabama Dept. of Revenue.